Empire Travel Services Ltd was established on May 23, 1989 by Mr Ahmed Ojuolape and commenced operations same date. We obtained IATA Licence on May 30, 1990 a record time going by the stringent way of getting the Licence then.

We have since developed into one of the best run travel agencies in Nigeria which culminated into the appointment of Mr Ahmed Ojuolape as a member of Agency Programme Joint Council (APJC).

Empire Travel Services Ltd has been participating in the Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) since its inception in Nigeria and has Access and Ticketing Authority of Twenty Seven (27) Airlines operating in Nigeria without any blemish to date.

We have been participating in the Hajj and Umrah operations since inception of the Company and have been licenced by the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) on several occasions (please see the attached copies of Nahcon licences).

Empire Travel Services Ltd is a member of the National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies and Association of Umrah and Hajj operators of Nigeria. Mr Ahmed Ojuolape has served in various capacities in these Associations and Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria.

Mr Ahmed Ojuolape received many Awards on behalf of Empire Travel Services Ltd. Two from the National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies, from National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism (where he coordinates IATA Courses) and an Award  as ONE OF THE HUNDRED TOURISM PERSONALITIES IN NIGERIA. Please find attached his brief profile.

Empire Travel Services Ltd is run by cream of IATA Certified Professionals (Four of them Management Staff members) who have been piloting the Company since inception. 


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